If it was my personal card, I wouldn’t mind, but as it belongs to my boss I want to make sure. Firmware update to Version 3. Then I tried the new firmware again and it worked perfectly this time. Now to see current firmware Information, now it should be FW Version: I had to remove the Microsoft installed driver, by simply uninstalling the device.

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I know its not the same device but I figure since you figured out your device maybe you already know why mine wont update.

Yes, it indeed works. I’m at a loss.

Forum – [Guide] Flashing and Updating Renesas/NEC USB uPDAF1/uPDA Firmware

Joined Jun 23, Messages 15, 3. Plese help, if you can. What issues were you seeing? The following contents have station drivers renesas nec usb3 linked to this post: Yet those are the proper files I have for the I have this motherboard with usb3 controller on it: I downloaded the newest one, 2.

How to FIX your USB 3 for good with new FIRMWARE and DRIVERS, no thanks to EVGA…

Cypherdude Jun 10, For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Joined Oct 1, Messages 2, 0. But hey station drivers renesas nec usb3 least it successfully flashes it, so now I just have to figure out what settings, addresses etc it is using that the others are not. Now you should see: Please help, if you can. Hi try flashing manually from CMD.


Viability of USB Renesas/NEC drivers and firmware from

The problem is that on my board I have more than one controller, so the updater complains. Thanks man, but that is drjvers for bit identical to the one from Station Drivers, which I have tried a hundred times over the past week, maybe more. But newer is newer Topic settings Subscribe Print view. Sttion Servers, Nothing but hackers. However, after inspecting the newer firmware it appears it was built just 5 station drivers renesas nec usb3 after the last one.

Now the basics instructions on how this works: Always best to use the flasher in command prompt. I have firmware installed by defaultbut and will not update everything looks the same too, but the UPDATE.

Viability of USB 3.0 Renesas/NEC drivers and firmware from

I fixed the problem, didn’t read properly. I have 2 chipsets on the motherboard but they are uPDF1, one says version 4.

Do you still have all required files to carry this out? The adresses will be in the form of 0x, take note of them as we will need that to flash them in the next step. It appears rrenesas either want you to register or to pay for the downloads.


After some research I discovered that someone placed here a solution and I also found another station drivers renesas nec usb3 I tried to follow this guides but without success, I don’t know messing with the command prompt, the only thing I found so far statoin the firmware version and their addresses, with this commands: I’m still at a loss. OK, I figured it out.

Lots of you have tried the newest driver on the EVGA website, which drivesr this one: Joined Aug 16, Messages 19, 4. Originally Posted by poxxxy.