The possibilities are endless and exciting. However, what I do like is the profile editor. Not only are they comfortable, but a lot of them are also ambidextrous, meaning they can be used by right or left handed people. They were first to offer a fully adjustable joystick. With these knobs you are able to adjust the position of some of the buttons. There are five fire buttons situated around the hat switch and a further six positioned on the flanks of the base that include two shift buttons for doubling the function of each button.

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Completing the control array is the obligatory rapid-fire trigger that sits neatly under your saitek evo force, and a centrally mounted lever-type throttle. Not only are they comfortable, but a lot of them are also ambidextrous, meaning they saietk be used by right or saitek evo force handed people. Not that you need a visual confirmation about force feedback, because you will get plenty of physical confirmation as you feel the stick and the forces.

In order to get the force saitek evo force you will need to plug a separate power cord into the wall. When it asks, plug in the joystick and you are ready to go.

Now you may be thinking if I loved the joystick so much then why did I knock down the score? A quick cyber jump over to the Saitek website reveals that this company is serious about gaming saitek evo force.

The option to install this arises during driver installation which was a relatively smooth process. The first is because I really dislike brick wall plugs and any saitek evo force that uses them will never get a perfect 10 from me.

New Drivers  EVO W4000 DRIVER

Five of the eleven buttons, the hat saitek evo force and the trigger are located at the top of the joystick.

Driver Saitek Cyborg Evo Force (64bit) (free) – Download latest version in English on phpnuke

This Saitek Cyborg evo Force joystick is designed exactly like its older brother, the Saitek Cyborg evo Wireless joystick. I downloaded saitek evo force flight simulator demos and tried playing around with them. Of course there are plenty of saitek evo force dotted around the evo Force. Despite its large size it is fairly light and can be lifted and moved with ease. As you use the joystick you will notice the LED light on the top of the handle, which lights up when the force feedback is active; it gets brighter as the forces get stronger.

With the screw removed you can move the rest up or down and even change sides on the joystick if saitek evo force are left handed.

The force effects saitek evo force do a good job of adding a sense of realism to games. When the force stick takes off it really gives you a shake, so you will hear some noise. The base itself has six buttons, three on either side of the center.

As with the other Saitek devices I saitek evo force tested, all you need to do is pop in the install cd and follow the simple instructions. The movement is strong enough that if you let go it could shake itself right off your desk.


Eaitek can also use the top button on each saitek evo force as a shift button which effectivly doubles the number of buttons that you can program and use.

The design of this joystick is definitely its best feature. Privacy Policy Terms of Use. All the buttons responded saitek evo force and there was a nice solid click when the buttons were pressed, letting me know I pressed hard enough.

Driver Saitek Cyborg Evo Force 3.00 (64bit)

Saitek X52 Joystick Review: In fact, in its joystick section alone there saitek evo force currently 14 models available, all the way from budget models like the ST90 to more sophisticated ones such as the X52 Flight Saitek evo force System. Saitek Cyborg evo Force joystick. Saitek has been a leader in the joystick industry. This is a fantastic joystick and will provide you or your children with hours upon hours of entertainment. The other six buttons and the throttle are in the base.

Key Features Review Price: The knobs are kindof tight so it takes a little effort to move them. The throttle responded to all my pushes and pulls. Second, the warranty of saiyek years is decent but I think companies saitek evo force provide at least a 5 year, or even better a life time warranty against defects.