Recently, though, the company has also made its mark with long-hitting drivers see G5, G10 and Rapture V2. How are the G15 irons in this respect? I have always enjoyed the Ping make of clubs, and Golfbidder had a set of G15 irons which met the specification which I have had now for 1 week. It would chip to exactly where I wanted, but would roll more than I was used to. I kept pushing everything to the right with my tendency to slice. Results 1 to 8 of 8.

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Ping G15, G15 Draw Drivers, Reviews and Test Results |

My current Pings are 15 years old and have a offset. Offfset patterns are very small; the head ping g15 offset to adjust for you on bad swings.

I’ve set up with the iron completely flat, the alignment line perpendicular to the target but the ball ping g15 offset is WAY to far back in my stance.

Off-center hits need to be way off center to notice the mistake because of the huge sweet spot.

Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Tops for look, feel ping g15 offset forgiveness; consistently longer than testers’ current drivers; the feel is just right between sharp and muffled; more responsive than the G10, center hits communicate a “crushed it” feel; draw-biased but not ping g15 offset gentle draws rather than duck-hooks that can plague other draw drivers; works as intended, corrects the big slice; improved alignment markings versus the G10; large effective hitting area; no ear-piercing sounds.


Large head with extra-wide sole gives you confidence to hit ping g15 offset flush every time. Not something I’ve ever had to contend with in the past as bad shots were always slices. Any and all feedback would be appreciated between the offseg. The spacing seems just about right on full swings.

They are never going ping g15 offset pass for a forged club, but the thin face and perimeter weighting really offers a crisp, hot feel at ofset. This is a design feature of most GI irons to help prevent the leading edge from digging, same with most sand wedges. After struggling ping g15 offset my callaway X20s,trying to punch above my weight. Creating a great iron takes the right balance of forgiveness and playability.

Ping G15 Irons, Reviews, Test Results |

If you are somewhat inconsistent, ping g15 offset forgiveness will help. The honest answer is that if the club is making you change your swing to hit it effectively then it’s time to change the club. Well, more mass delivered at the same speed yields more power, which increases ball speed across the entire face.

My old DCI 7 iron has the same loft as the Burner 8 ping g15 offset. Second, I had thought at first that PING was trying to pull a fast one when it claimed that the irons had more distance. I am a 18 handicap.

Essentially, besides the cavity of the club, the G15 could be mistaken for ping g15 offset G I like the g10s but im always looking at new options. Both the i15 and G15 7-iron, when adjusted for lie, jumped out to yards with each ping g15 offset, and the fitting process brought the draw back to a straight line.


If we stayed in the fairways instead of the rough, our scores would drop like a lead weight. I have also hit some cracking 4 iron shots ping g15 offset the fairway which I have never done before!

I fancied a change of iron but decided to reduce the risk involved buying new. Can some one help? Will be using golf bidder again in the near future. My first few rounds with these have been incredible.

Ping G15 Iron Set Reviews

If you need legal grooves, these are ready to go. I can hit these things with my eyes closed and they will go towards the target.

I am a 1 handicapper and Ping g15 offset was ping g15 offset at the i15s, accidentally picked these up to hit while waiting for my turn to get fitted. Seems like the Ping G15 is a knock off of the club I use. I too was VERY impressed with this web site. I get a lot more power with less effort I really can whip the club head through also I get a lot more control and feel of the club head.