Daniel Greene as Dickie Thurman. This was also Carrey’s first role in a 20th Century Fox film. Well, come on my friend. Mike Cerrone as Officer Stubie. All the comedies with Jim pre to Me, Myself and Irene, were all masterpieces.

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Please enter your email address: His psyche can only take so much, though, and soon his alter-ego Hank pops out to do every libidinous thing Charlie would never do. Consistently filthy and funny, with the Farrellys’ usual attention to disability that will surely be misread as insensitivity to disability.

In other projects Wikiquote. Emerging whenever Charlie is under extreme stress, Hank is md over-the-top, rude, and violent persona reminiscent of characters played by Clint Eastwood. You know, I think you’re a very special unit.

I turn my back for one moment then you stick it up my ass. Do you people take checks?

Me, Myself & Irene

I’m due for a me myself and irene limo event and you’re dancing on li,o fault line. Okay so I add up the atomic masses of the proton and neutron, I see’s that, but what do I do with the goddam electron?

Man how the hell can they call Pluto a planet? Able-minded kids of all ages know that drooling ne the dinner table can be an act of defiance.

Season 2 Killing Eve: Holy Jesus in heaven! Oh you know, just school shit and shit. It’s gonna be raining wine and roses tonight. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Me, Myself & Irene (Film) – TV Tropes

I have to take a pill every six hours or I feel While their films consistently aim at the 12 year-old boy demo, Irene takes it to a lower level entirely, right between the legs, as a matter of fact.

The chase becomes a media spectacle, alerting Charlie’s sons to his predicament.

This shit don’t make no sense. Directors Cat Super Reviewer. Despite politically incorrect material of questionable taste which steps over every line imaginable, “Me, Myself, and Irene” is undeniably funny.

Pete Yorn ‘s, Just Another can also be heard it the background, during the scene where they discuss Hank’s Idea. Gerke – Chris Cooper Col.

Reviewed at the Bruin Theater, L. A 20th Century Fox release of a Conundrum Entertainment production.

Tony Cox: Limo Driver

Here, both the set pieces and the plot seem me myself and irene limo be in the way of a better movie that is perhaps still on the cutting room floor. Charlie keeps Irene safe, and they flee, accidentally leaving his medication behind, allowing me myself and irene limo Hank personality to emerge frequently. Our daddy didn’t kill no cop and he sure as shit ,e kidnap no skinny-ass bitch!

Dickie is then hit from behind by a lawn dart thrown by Casper, killing him. I never wanted to sleep with you, Hank! Price check on Vagiclean, aisle five. Okay, so it’s not so funny anymore, guys.

But this is a fine Swan song to a good comedic actor. Did you just refer to yourself in the fourth person?

But just for once, see it from my side.